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Understanding your unique needs, developing individualised treatment and rehabilitation programs is our focus.

Each treatment advice and program is custom tailored for you.
You are supported with referrals and great recommendations to top physical therapists within your community.

Constant communication with your physician is our top priority.

If you have questions, contact us we will assist you to the best of our ability.


Dr Paterson supports a number of charities.


Maybe you are wondering what charity you'd like to support.

Here are the charities Dr Paterson supports, and why.


  • Medicins sans Frontieres (Doctors without Borders). Every dollar donated to this organisation puts fantastically dedicated volunteer doctors in places where natural or man made disasters have wreaked havoc on the local people. MSF provides those doctors with the medicines and facilities required in these tragically disadvantaged areas to help rebuild lives and bodies all over the world. These doctors, and MSF, deserve huge admiration and support for what they do.


  • Smith Family. Right on our own doorstep are kids with a ton of potential, who might never have the opportunity to realise it. By sponsoring a child's education in our own community, we are correcting the social injustices suffered by the young and innocent, and hopefully breaking the cycle of unemployment, violence, resentment and poverty. This is a most deserving cause.


  • Bedford Industries. There are many people in our community with much to offer, but who suffer physical or intellectual disabilities, and who couldn't earn employment in the open job market. Here they have gainful employment, self-esteem, and a wonderfully supportive atmosphere. What a wonderful organisation.


  • Amy Gillet Foundation. Share the road. A metre matters. Let's support mutual respect and safety between motorists and cyclists. There is bloody-minded behaviour by a small minority in both groups that we hope to abolish by education, tolerance and respect.


  • Prostate SA. Hey guys! Over 50? It's no big deal to get a blood test every year or two, and preferably a quick check with a finger up the bum. Get over it! Then if there is anything suspicious, further tests will pick up cancer early enough that there is a high chance it can be eradicated before it gets out. Don't stick your had in the sand, and end up dying of the wasting disease like a couple of my friends, and my own father. Just do it! Be a man.



It's great to be a part of a great club, and share in the joy of winning, as well as commiserate with your mates when you lose. We are fiercely loyal to our club in good times and bad. We respect the opposition. Elite sport is where we see talented individuals and teams strive to give of their very best. The pursuit of excellence, in any field, is its own reward; success is a natural consequence. (Dr Paterson supports his football team of choice, the Port Adelaide Football Club. Go the Power!)

Dr Paterson has always had an interest in sports participation, albeit never at the top level. The discipline and psychology of striving for personal acheivement is educational as well as rewarding. Currently he keeps a bit fit with regular gym sessions, is a fair weather cyclist and participates in the Tour Down Under Challenge each year, and competes in motorsport. As well as club events, he has acheived podium finishes in classic tarmac rallies such as Classic Adelaide, Rally Tasmania, and the Adelaide Hills Tarmac Rally.