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The three things you want in a surgeon 


  1. That he can do your operation well 
  2. That he can talk to you in a way that makes you feel comfortable and confident
  3. Most importantly, that he exercises good judgement about what is the best treatment for you at any given time. 

Dr Roger Paterson is prepared to answer all your questions - and give you enough information to answer all the questions you didn't even know to ask!

 Click here if you wish to enquire about an appointment  and understand your choices.



When can I make an appointment?

Kate Graves is Dr Paterson's PA, and can be contacted on 81301229. She is most helpful, and will make sure that you get an appointment at an appropriate time for your circumstances.

Where are the rooms located?

The Sportsmed-SA Clinic and Hospital are centrally located at 32 Payneham Rd Stepney. There are X-Ray facilities and a blood collection centre on site. Pharmacy and coffee shop are coming very soon.

Where can I park my car?

There is plenty of free onsite parking, although it can be busy at times.

What should I do when I arrive?

Go to the Orthopaedic department on the first floor of the Clinic building and check in at the reception desk, where Tayla will check you in and get you to complete some paperwork, and then take you in to see Dr Paterson

What should I bring to my first appointment?

It is most important that you bring your referral letter from your doctor and all X-Rays and scans, and the results of any blood tests. 

How much will it cost?

The first visit is billed at the AMA recommended rate, so there will be a gap, unless you are covered by Workcover, compulsory third party insurance or DVA. Subsequent visits are heavily discounted, and post-operative visits incur no gap at all. If you need surgery, you will be given a detailed quote regarding all out-of-pocket expenses that can be anticipated.

Dr Paterson

Dr Paterson consults on Monday mornings and all day Tuesday and Thursday, and operates at the Sportsmed-SA Hospital on Mondays and Fridays. He visits Mt Gambier and Pt Lincoln once a month on Wednesdays. All patients seeing Dr Paterson need to have been referred by their GP, or by one of the Sports Doctors at the Sportsmed-SA Clinic. Urgent problems can dealt with quickly as a general rule, by simply phoning Kate on 8130 1229. An appointment within the week can be arranged if needed, and a time for surgery can be held, to be able to then proceed without delay, if it is thought that that would be required. This is a particularly practical arrangement for people coming from out of town. We can arrange for any necessary tests and an appointment on a Thursday, ready for an operation on the Friday if required. 

While most the work Dr Paterson does is particularly related to the knee, he is also an expert on ankle injuries, and has an interest in treatment of arthritis of the hip.

Sportsmed-SA Orthopaedic Division

There are currently 12 Orthopaedic surgeons working at Sportsmed-SA, all of whom are leaders in their fields, and have sub-specialized into areas of upper limb, lower limb, joint replacements, and/or foot and ankle surgery. To find out more about who is at Sportsmed-SA and what their areas of special expertise are, click here to visit the Sportsmed-SA site.

Sportsmed-SA Clinic


Sportsmed-SA Hospital



The things that impressed me:

Dr Paterson

The Sportsmed-SA Clinic

The Sportsmed-SA Hospital



The Sportsmed-SA Clinic


Nearly all testing and treatment care in one location

Streamlined Service -Everything you need at the one place + choice of operation dates

Friendly welcoming staff. Ability to have consultation with a GP at Sportsmed and listened to.

Wonderful staff

A very efficient and friendly atmosphere

Staff @ Sportsmed were great and facilities were good

Friendly service, happy people always helpful (we have been coming for 20 year)

Extent of experience of sportsmed ortho staff

Well integrated organisation

The care pre-op, post op and follow up with physio, surgeons and staff

All aspects of professionalism and friendliness

All of the printed information that was provided

Efficiency and politeness with the way I was treated



The Sportsmed-SA Hospital




Nursing staff were lovely and the food good


Sportsmed Hospital Room is nice. The post op physio service is good


Nurses were pleasant & helpful


Staff were wonderful and caring and helpful


Excellent nursing/ physio / doctor care


Pleasant, friendly, prompt and skilled service from nursing staff


All staff friendly. They also made me feel at ease - took great care of me


Friendliness of all staff, including reception staff


Hospital facilities are excellent


Operation was well organized and recovery was good


Friendly caring attitude of staff. Excellent surroundings


Everyone had a positive attitude and were supportive, which gave me confidence in my recovery


Staff presented themselves with a happy and professional attitude and gave us patients 'time of day' service